Friday, January 14, 2011

Days 11, 12, 13, and 14: Sick, Sick, Sick and Sick

Oh when will this torture of sickness end? Not only have I been cooped up in my house with Ella, who has been better for the last three days (minus a pesky cough), but I have been working most of the time and resting when not working. Poor Ella is dying for some real interaction but I haven't even felt well enough to drive the car farther than the store let alone to drop her off at daycare for the day. I had imagined by Friday I would definitely be on the back end of this thing, yet I feel much the same as I did the past two days...groggy and just plain sick with a nasty cold. I miss my yoga soooooooooooooooooo much and I am devastated that my challenge will not finish as I had planned, nor will I meet my goal. I don't see myself doing 6 or 7 doubles to finish 30 classes in 30 days. So I am resigned to finish out the month the best I can, with a couple doubles thrown in just for kicks, and be proud of myself for whatever that accomplishment looks like. I mean, let's be honest, regardless it's leaps and bounds above what I was doing before I started...nothing! So here is to getting well so maybe I can even go to a class this weekend! I was reading Elizabeth's blog about trying to maintain the faith in the challenge and persevere through this almost mid-way mark and I found myself slightly green with envy that she has still been able to go every day and put a sticker on that dang chart! I want to feel the struggle in class, not here in my tissue ridden bed! I am also admittedly jealous of the girls going to class together, because I miss my class with my girls! I miss most adult human interaction at this point, so here is hoping, praying, wishing that this cold will finally move on.

1) I've lost 5 pounds this week, I am now attributing this to being sick and not filling my body with tasty water all day long in preparation for yoga class
2) Of all things I thought that what could mess up my challenge was my daily routine, work and motherhood...I completely forgot about the possibility of getting sick in cold and flu season
3) Someone please bring me some soup and take Ella out for some entertainment! We have cabin fever bad over here!
4) I am now counting the days back to the mat...let's shoot for Sunday as Day 1!

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