Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 8: The Yogini in the Mirror

Today I made it to noon class with my girls, Elizabeth and Megan, at my left and my right. We had a new teacher today, Ping, and while she was at times difficult to understand I decided in the beginning of class to lock my focus on me. 90 minutes later I was smiling from ear to ear at what an amazing class I had just completed. Today I took a cue from my girl Elizabeth's recent blog entitled "If you can, you must." I couldn't get the phrase out of my head, so I went with it. How was I to really know how far I could go into the postures if I continued to play it safe? What I found was that I am capable of much more than I realized. Starting with Half Moon pose, I stretched left, right and back deeper than before. I pulled my leg up and out in Standing Head to Knee pose rather than just reaching down to grab my foot and staying there. I embraced the discomfort in my elbows in Locust pose and kicked my legs higher than ever. Then the ultimate breakthrough came in Camel, oh dreaded Camel. The posture that is guaranteed to make you feel a bit woozy and requires the utmost attention to breath. After the first set, I was determined to see if I could grab my feet and bend completely backwards for full camel pose. In a half back bend I reached with my right hand back towards my right foot, wondering how far it would be when all of sudden it was there. Ok, left side...done. Full backward bend, the most comfortable camel pose I've ever been in and all it took was a little faith and that catchy phrase, if you must! I couldn't even contain my excitement, who is this yogini in the mirror today? I was so comfortable in the hot room today, the sensation is hard to explain. Amazing!

The list:
1) That extra effort can make the biggest difference
2) No more holding back, I have a new found confidence in ability as long as I let go of my fears and trepidations
3) My unwanted day off may have paid off in a huge way
4) I am anxious to get back in the hot room tomorrow and see how far I can go
5) Excited to one day have the full expression of more postures
6) No lavender towel today, but even that couldn't spoil my ecstatic mood

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