Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 3: Meditation in Motion

Today's class was with one of my favorite instructors, Sywann. Her style is strong, encouraging and enthusiastic with such a calm and soothing tone to her voice. Today's practice was just what I needed to feel encouraged to keep on the daily path of my challenge. Each practice is indeed something new, today was nothing like yesterday. I felt calm throughout and mind was quiet and focused. While I was back touching my toes again, I found myself more challenged to reach my "normal" ability on several postures. The great thing was that I did not let this discourage me during practice or let it take me off course, instead I focused in on where my body was "at" today.

Several times Sywann said this class is "meditation in motion." Today I understood what that meant. My mind and body seemed to glide through each set of postures and in each savasana, everything was still. In contrast to yesterday, today my mind did not want to scream at the heat, run out the door, or allow any external preoccupations to enter. There were no battles waged, just simply meditation in motion.

Tonight, I am sleepy but not exhausted. Calm and excited for tomorrow's class.

A few other takeaways from tonight:
1) 4pm class is my favorite- less people and my body seems to work better after having had a chance to eat and hydrate over the course of the early part of the day
2) My lavender towel was ice cold was perfectly wonderful
3) Front of class, right in front of mirror is not my favorite location, I don't think I like to see myself that close...but then again, maybe that helped me maintain my connection so well???
4) Megan and Elizabeth rock!! Keep it up ladies :)

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