Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 6: 8pm Class

So tonight I am just glad I was able to get to class, keeping the momentum is everything. Ella's been sick today and still not feeling well tonight, but I was fortunate enough to have my sitter available to hang out while Ella slept and I went to 8pm class. I was surprised at how packed it was for the late class, but then again it's new year's resolution time so this is the busy season I suppose. Tonight I had a new teacher, I believe her name is Jayna. I liked her, so many times tonight she focused me back in on my breathing, helping me make it through class. Another hot one for sure and we actually had a couple people bail in the middle :( But overall another good class for me. I think I was surprised that the late hour of the class didn't impact me more, but all was well and there's something to be said about ending your night with hot yoga and merely a shower and a blog in between yoga and bed. Very nice indeed...and yes, I am very sleepy now.

Short list tonight:
1) Jayna said "tension is who we are trying to be and relaxation is who we really are"...I'm a fan of this perspective and a phrase to remember
2) I dislike being in a location where I can see the teacher (or another teacher taking the class) adjust the thermostat...plays mind games with just got 10 degrees hotter didn't it?
3) Missed my girls tonight (they hit the 4pm)...MPin and Bets, keep it going!

Another weird schedule tomorrow, tons of work and hoping Ella is feeling better. Plan is to make it to 6pm class...fingers crossed...or shall I say twisted like ropes

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