Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 21: The Doctor Is In

Took myself to the doctor finally on my 12th day of being sick. Turns out there was a reason behind my not being able to shake this "cold"...the official diagnosis is bronchitis and a sinus infection. The official treatment, a 10 day supply of antibiotics, lots of hydration, warm fluids, over the counter sinus meds (the ones that weren't working before are supposed to work better once the antibiotics start to fight off the bacterial infection), and salt water nasal spray. That's a long list, but I am happy to know that I will finally get rid of this.

After spending the morning at the doctor, I worked from home and had an urgent work assignment that took me through about 6:30pm. Needless to say, I did not go to yoga today. I am still amazed that I've been able to go as much as I have while being sick, not that it was everyday, but that even with bronchitis and a sinus infection I was still able to complete classes and feel the benefits of being there.

What I noticed tonight when I did not go was that I found myself in a funk. The night before I had written about my general feelings of happiness after yoga. I am wondering if the funk I felt tonight and general unhappiness is actually related to not having been at yoga. Maybe it was more of not having the stress relief that makes the other worries seem a little less significant or just less overwhelming. Tonight I felt a little overwhelmed with my life. I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.

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