Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 10: Sickness

Day 10 class was definitely derailed by the onset of the sickness I feared was coming yesterday. I had hoped I had sweat it all out, detoxified my body of that bad cold trying to grasp such luck. I barely slept last night, tossing turning, body aching, hot, cold, argh! I woke up this morning feeling more of the same and then heard Ella coughing non-stop in her room. So I made the executive decision that we were both staying home today and I would forgo yoga, although I would still work all day. Feeling sick and bummed, I worry about recovering my challenge if I am sick over the next few days. Elizabeth reminded me to think positive, we still have 20 days to make up my missed classes. Maybe a couple doubles in my future. We shall see, so what I suppose I need to focus on is the fact that I have been doing awesome, 8 classes in 10 days is pretty fabulous. This will not be my only challenge and what I need to remember is that I really feel that I have found something that I will stick with for a very long time. This yoga has been a lifestyle change and I need to stay focused on the bigger picture, my cold will pass :) Here's hoping it's gone tomorrow and I can get back to the mat!!

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  1. I am sending you healthy vibes!!!! Get well soon!