Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 9: Sweat It Out

Day 9 was actually yesterday. I'm usually on top of my blogging the day of when the class is freshest in my mind. Unfortunately, I just couldn't make it to blog last night. Yesterday morning I could feel my body coming down with something. I kept telling myself, just make it to class at 4pm and you'll just sweat it all out! Ella has been so sick and I was bound to eventually start to pick it up from her. So although I felt a little achy and my throat was very dry, I made it to class and had a fairly decent class. It was packed, more so than I've seen thus far. There must have been 50-60 people in class. It was HOT and I was using all of my energy to get through each pose, but I was intent on not "half-assing" it. It would be easy to excuse myself from giving extra in my postures or to sit out a set or two, just to take it easy since I was getting sick. No way, my goal was to seriously sweat it out. I don't have time for illness. At the end of class I felt dizzy and my body felt heavy. After coming home and showering my body just gave out, the aches came back and my chest felt dry and tight. I could barely move on the couch and I put myself to bed at 8:30pm. I kept thinking, this is the beginning of my challenge being derailed.

The list:
1) Full Camel pose again!
2) Made it all the way back into Firm Fixed Pose too!
3) The lavender towel machine needs to be fixed ASAP!!! I miss even a lukewarm lavender towel ;)

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  1. YES! Was going through blog withdrawal last night! I kept refreshing the page until I went to bed. I love reading how your classes went.

    So sorry you are feeling so crappy. Sending some good, healthy vibes yours & Ella's way!

    Take it easy tomorrow, too - we have 3 more weekends to make up any missed classes! You know I'm so excited to do some doubles. ;)