Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day 17: Don't Push Your Luck

Day 17 and after being completely excited last night to hit the mat again today I found my energy all but depleted. I am still sick, congested beyond belief, coughing up a lung and a borderline migraine headache from the congestion. I feel like I used up the small amount of energy that had briefly come back into my body on Sunday after emerging from the mind fog. Knowing how good I had felt yesterday after class and then how exhausted, I debated. Am I just pushing my luck thinking I can start daily classes again when I am still obviously sick? I want to get better so that I can finish the remaining days of the challenge as strong as possible and not just making it through class because I have some lingering illness. What good have I done myself if I exhaust the energy my body needs to fight off the cold? So I decided the best decision for myself was to rest. No class tonight.

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