Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day 16: The Cure for the Common Cold

I don't think what I have had the past week can in anyway be described as the common cold and I am by no means cured as I sit here with my chicken noodle soup and complete congestion...but for 90 minutes today I was cured both physically and mentally. Today I made it back to the mat and I almost decided to give it one more day. Feeling tired and so congested still, when Elizabeth said she couldn't make the 4pm I thought maybe I should just sleep instead. Then Liam reminded me how badly I've been missing yoga and said if nothing else just the mental benefit of being there again would be worth should definitely go! I am so glad that I went!

I really didn't know what to expect out of myself having been so sick and still not 100%. The goal today was to stay in the room and do as much as I could without over doing it, listening to my body. I was doubly worried when Carrie told me Insel was teaching first class with Insel can't be when I'm sick!!!! But with what must have been some type of divine intervention there was a last minute change of schedule and a new teacher, Max, lead the class. Max was just what I needed tonight too. What I experienced in class is hard to describe. It truly was healing from the inside out. The first thing I noticed and then could not stop enjoy was the ability to breath again! Oh how I have missed breathing through my nose, inhale...exhale...inhale...exhale. I could feel the oxygen running through my lungs, the heavy chest and head that has been fogging my last 7 days...gone. Then just the motion of the postures, the stretching, the blood flow, it was incredible. I felt relaxed and in my savasanas my entire body felt so amazingly good. Almost too good ;)

What is even more interesting to me is that throughout the entire class I felt like throwing up, but it didn't phase me. I embraced the discomfort as we've been reminded to do in past classes and the good sensations just took over. I did have to sit out one set of Camel, but that was it!!! At the end of class, an ice cold lavender towel!

Although my congestion was back once I stepped out of the room, I am ecstatic that I can be back on the mat again. Tonight I think I really connected with the healing aspect of this practice. I can't wait to have the best sleep tonight and get the rest of this monstrous cold out of my body.

1) Tonight I was reminded why I love this yoga so much, it is good for my mind, body and spirit...I don't think I can ever give this up
2) Hot yoga really does heal, even if it only took away my cold for 90 minutes, it was 90 minutes of heaven
3) I'm exhausted and out of words
4) Can't wait for class with my girls tomorrow (they were wondering if I was still alive after 6 days of no yoga)

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