Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1: 1/1/11

Today is a day of firsts. First day of the new year, first day writing a new blog and the first day of my 30 day Bikram Yoga challenge. I am also hoping this is the first day of a series of insights into my life as it exists at this moment. My goal is not to set grand expectations for a life transformed in 30 days, but to experience the subtle ways in which spending 90 minutes per day in a 105 degree yoga practice will transform elements of my perspective and the way I choose to live at each moment.

To start, I am truly a Bikram novice, having done only 3 classes before the holidays prior to electing to take on the 30 day challenge. What I found after realizing that I did indeed have the ability to make it through an entire class, was a space that challenged my physical and mental capacities while simultaneously allowing me to decompress from the daily grind of my life as a hard working single mom. And also an immediate addiction to ice cold lavender towels at the end of class :)

So today, my friend Elizabeth and I set out on our 30 day challenges and both decided to blog about our experiences. Joined by our faithful friend Megan, who we are trying to convince to do the challenge as well, we hit up our first class at Bikram Tysons. Class was packed being that there were only a few classes held today, it being New Year's Day of course and HOT! I was worried about my ability today since I had not been in several weeks and I was feeling extremely sleepy before class. I was however, pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to jump in again and how energizing those 90 minutes are for me. So aside from what I can tell is my standard ebb and flow of challenges in class (quick moments of nausea/outside thoughts of priorities/and of course "ah, it's frickin hottt in here", my goal is to find tidbits of insight in each class. Insights into learning Bikram, my life, etc. anything that adds value to my perspective.

Tonight I think I found quite a few tidbits. Our instructor Francisco had a different style than I had experience thus far. Laid back and less verbal instruction on each pose. Although, I think my preference is for more verbal cues as to how I can adjust myself into each pose correctly what I found from Francisco's humor was that even in this space I cannot take myself too seriously. Yes I can be focused and present in my practice, but I am still allowed to smile or chuckle. This is a feel good activity after all. Made me think of how serious I can take myself when caught up in the day to day. Make room for more smiles, they feel good :) Some additional tidbits from tonight:
1) yoga with friends is awesome
2) the next 30 days is about allowing myself to find 90 minutes per day for me
3) subtle changes can happen in a short time- tonight I touched my toes!
4) breathing and listening to my breath really does work me through any uncomfortable moments of nausea, thoughts of the heat and outside thoughts
5) after the high of finishing class and the energy euphoria, I am delirious and exhausted, but set up for beautiful sleep

Back to class 10am tomorrow!

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